"So, what's the story?"

These are the kinds of questions I ask when I step into a new design challenge.

When you listen carefully to stories from different perspectives, they reveal a lot. You can find inspirations, emotions, experiences, reasonings and objectives. They guide me to the "why" by enriching the design process and help me continue my story.

This is my story.

A passion for user research




The key is not what we give to our users, but why they need our solutions. What kind of added value can your design bring? To find the answer, you need to dive into their world and listen with your heart to their stories to uncover the latent needs that the users themselves don’t even know about. Only if you can completely get what the users are experiencing and feeling, then you'll be able to create the best solutions for them. This is user-centered design, this is design thinking.



A drive for interaction design




For me, the most interesting phase of a design process is the Fuzzy Front End. Discovering new contexts and gaining new perspectives of end-users are like exploring a new world. Finding out what is the current situation, what is the problem and why they need something is what I love to do, because it's an exciting and challenging journey to translate user experiences and insights to functional design concepts. Discovering and pushing the boundaries, out-of-the-box thinking and enabling user-friendly interactions, is my drive.

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